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Tropical Ocean Global Atmosphere- Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA-COARE) Records

Identifier:  - TOGAC

Arrangement is mostly by original order. This collection consists of 7 series in 2 boxes:

Series 1: Administrative, 1987-1994, undated Series 2: Correspondence, 1985-1994, undated Series 3: Meetings and Workshops, 1988-1996, undated Series 4: Plans and Reports, 1985-1994, undated Series 5: Logistics, 1991-1992, undated Series 6: Research, 1991-1996, undated Series 7: Audio-Visual Materials, 1992-1993, undated

Dates: 1985-1996; Majority of material found in 1989-1992; Other: Date acquired: 20100000

Tropical Wind, Energy Conversion, and Reference Level Experiment (TWERLE) Records

Identifier:  - 04-TWERLE

Arrangement is by original order. This collection consists of 5 series in 3 boxes:

Series 1: Administrative, 1970-1975 Series 2: Correspondence, 1969-1976, undated Series 3: Research and Data, 1971-1978, undated Series 4: Presentations, Publications, Reports, 1969-1977 Series 5: Ephemera and Photographs

Dates: 1969-1978; Majority of material found in 1972-1976

UCAR Communications Records

Identifier:  - 02-COMM
Scope and Contents This collection consists of four series: audio-visual materials, Communications Office records, news releases, and a small selection of reports. The audio-visual materials include photographic negatives, slides, photographic prints, digital photographs, film, audio cassettes, video cassettes, and digital media. The photographic materials cover NCAR and UCAR history from its earliest beginnings through 2018. A selection of digitized photographs are available online in OpenSky. The film,...
Dates: 1946-2018; Other: Date acquired: 2013-01-17

UCAR Records

Identifier: 02-UCAR
Arrangement The original order of the collection and the original folder titles have been maintained. Materials were grouped together into series by the Archivist. In the detailed description below, these titles have been transcribed as accurately as possible. Records are arranged chronologically by the original printed date. The collection is housed in 19 record cartons and organized into the following 15 series: Series 1: Board of Trustees (BOT), 1959-1985 Series 2: Budget, 1968-1977 Series 3:...
Dates: 1940 - 2021; Majority of material found within 1958 - 1980; Modified: Date acquired: 1986-01-01

UCAR/NCAR Audio Visual Collection

Identifier:  - UNAV

The collection is arranged by format.

Dates: 1946-2010; Majority of material found in 1968-2010

UCAR/NCAR Harvested Websites

Identifier:  - UNWEB
Scope and Contents Since February 2013, the NCAR Archives has been crawling and harvesting UCAR/NCAR websites using Archive It. The harvested websites include most UCAR/NCAR webpages and associated images, video, PDF files, and other content. The collection also includes the U.S. Weather Commission, a group that brings together the American weather industry, state and local governments, and academia in an organized effort to urge Congress and the Executive Branch to undertake, promote, and support our nation’s...
Dates: 2013-2021

UCAR/NCAR Memorabilia Collection

Identifier:  - UNMC

Materials in this collection arranged by type: Series 1: Papers Series 2: Ephemera Series 3: Artifacts and objects

Dates: 1960-2010; Majority of material found in 1984-2000

UCAR/NCAR Oral History Collection

Identifier:  - UNOH

The collection is divided into two series: Series 1: Oral History Interviews Series 2: Lectures and Talks

Dates: 1968-2009; Majority of material found in 1985-1991; Other: Date acquired: 0009-11-19

UCAR/NCAR Publications Collection

Identifier: 0f1c7155-2868-43dd-ad8e-0f342da8ad80-UNPC

Arrangement is by alphabetical order. This collection consists of five series and eleven boxes. Series I: Administrative Series II: Brochures/Pamphlets Series III: Miscellaneous Publications Series IV: Newsletters Series V: Planning Documents

Dates: Majority of material found within 1958-2013; 1970 - 2000

UCAR/NCAR Reference Collection

Identifier: UNRC
Scope and Contents

The UCAR/NCAR Reference Collection provides background on UCAR/NCAR facilities, laboratories and programs, and projects over several decades. The subject files include articles and news clippings, brochures and pamphlets, fact sheets, telephone directories, and photographic prints. The collection also contains video recordings of lectures and events, as well as public outreach videos. Also present is a small number of exhibit panels from past Archives exhibits.

Dates: 1938-2013, undated

UNIDATA Program Records

Identifier:  - 00-06-UNIDATA

Arrangement is by chronological order within each series. The collection is housed in 1 box and is arranged into seven main series. Series 1: Background Materials, 1982 - 1984, undated Series 2: July 1983 Workshop, 1983, undated Series 3: Plans & Proposals, 1984 Series 4: Reports, 1983 - 1987, 1990, undated Series 5: Correspondence, 1983 - 1986, 1990 - 1993, 2001, 2008, undated Series 6: Newsletters, 1984 - 1999 Series 7: Promotional Materials, 1988 - 1993, 2004, undated

Dates: 1982-2008; Majority of material found in 1982-1985; Other: Date acquired: 1988-05-16

Vincent E. Lally Papers

Identifier:  - 04-VEL

Arrangement is by material type. The collection consists of six series in six boxes: Series I: Biographical Series II: Notebooks Series III: National Scientific Balloon Facility (NSBF) Series IV: Research Series V: Audio-Visual Series VI: Publications

Dates: 1957-1997; Majority of material found in 1966-1980; Other: Date acquired: 2003-01-09

Walter Orr Roberts Collection

Identifier:  - WOR

The collection has been arranged topically and the folders are listed in alphabetical order.

Dates: 1940 - 2007; Majority of material found within 1980 - 1989; Other: Date acquired: 20060000

Warren M. Washington Papers

Identifier:  - 04-03-01-WMW

Arrangement is by material type.

The collection consists of eleven series in eighteen boxes:

Series I: Biographical Series II: Research Series III: Advisory Work Series IV: Diversity Series V: NCAR Series VI: Organizations Series VII: General Correspondence Series VIII: Presentations and Talks Series IX: Awards and Honors Series X: Audio-Visual Series XI: Publications

Dates: 1947-2015; Majority of material found in 1960-2010; Other: Date acquired: 2007-11-13

Weather and Climate Impact Assessment Science Program Records

Identifier:  - wcas
Content Description

Born-digital records of the NCAR Weather and Climate Impact Assessment Science Program, including program documents, abstracts, and presentations.

Dates: 2004-08

William Bradley Calculator Collection

Identifier: WBC
Scope and Contents

A collection of calculators.

Dates: -; Other: Date acquired: 2009-12-30

William Welch Kellogg Papers

 Collection — other: 1-5
Identifier:  - 04-03-01-WWK
Arrangement Arrangement is by material type.The collection consists of four series in five boxes: Series I: Professional materials, 1948-2004 and undated Sub-Series A: Committee materials, 1957-1990 Sub-Series B: Correspondence and memorandum, 1961-2003 and undated Sub-Series C: Journals, 1971-2002 Sub-Series D: Miscellaneous, 1948-1989 and undated Sub-Series E: Presentations and speeches, 1982-1997 and undated Sub-Series F: Research files, 1969-1992 and undated Sub-Series G:...
Dates: 1946-2005; Majority of material found in 1964-1999; Other: Date acquired: 2008-02-29

Yale Mintz Collection

Identifier: YMC

Arrangement is by alphabetical order according to film title. Items are housed in one Hollinger box and organized under one series: Films.

Dates: 1967, undated; Other: Date acquired: 2000-09-06